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The Jordan Family has been farming here for more than 100 years, and we are proud to be able to share the fruits of our labor and knowledge with you. This is not a new venture, created overnight in the back yard. Our farm is located on almost 200 acres and we have row crop land, acres of pasture, fish ponds, wooded areas and, of course, our chicken coop. We have the experience and skills necessary for raising healthy, rare breed poultry.

A few of our customers call our coop “the Taj Mahal” because it is a luxurious chicken dwelling! Whatever you call it, our chicken coop shows one of the many ways we make sure our birds are receiving the highest level of care. The rare breed chickens on our farm enjoy filtered water, high nutrient feed, oyster shells, electrolytes, extra protein, insects and worms. The coop stays warm in the winter with heat lamps and cool in the summer due to natural shade, plus they have large, free-flowing runs and an insulated brooder house.

Because we play such close attention to the care of our rare breed chickens, we call them Pampered Poultry. Experience has shown that a pampered chick is a healthy, happy chick. When you are purchasing a rare breed, you want to know that it comes from a healthy, chicken-friendly environment.

We are an NPIP certified (GA-1163)  facility, which means that all of our birds are regularly checked for common diseases and that our feed storage and the entire facility meets or exceeds stringent quality standards.

Rather than testing for only one disease as some breeders do, we test for four and have quarterly NPIP inspections instead of the usual annual inspection. When new birds are added to our flock, they are housed off-site until we are assured they are disease and pest free. Our Merriam turkeys are also housed off site, in our North Florida facility.

Besides rare breed poultry, we also raise Barbados sheep, Imported Asian Water Buffalo, and Red Wattle Hogs. They graze on 30+ acres and are given peanut hay that is grown on our farm to supplement their diet and provide them with extra nutrients. Our friend, Jack, keeps a watchful eye over the sheep to protect against predators.

Jordan Farm is an active, working farm, where crops, livestock and humans grow together. Besides the careful concern for our animals’ health, we also make sure the farm is secure. We use security cameras and guard animals - like Kali, pictured below - to keep our animals safe. If you are looking to purchase poultry or sheep that have been raised in a responsible, healthy manner, look no further!

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