Can I combine shipping on chicks, eggs, waterers or other miscellaneous items?

No.  Each item will be shipping by itself in its separate box.  It is not possible to ship eggs with chicks and certainly not possible to ship a riflescope with chicks or eggs.

When will my item ship?

Shipping will occur after we receive payment.  We schedule our livestock and eggs shipments on a weekly schedule.  After you place your order you will be sent an estimated shipping date; which could be weeks away depending on the availability on the item.  In order to not have chickens or eggs sitting in the Post Office over the weekend - we only ship USPS Priority Monday and Tuesday - USPS Express Monday through Wednesday.  On other items such as binos, riflescopes, waterers, etc. we ship within 48 hours.  

Do you ship UPS or Fed-Ex?

Depends.   Livestock and eggs cannot be shipped via UPS and Fed-Ex.  On other items, yes we can ship UPS or Fed-Ex.  USPS is our preferred shipper - if you want to ship via another carrier - please advise in the notes at check out. 

Do you ship chicks, starters, or adult birds other than USPS Express Mail?

No!!  Our birds are truly pampered in their current environment.  We think it is just plain wrong to ship birds any way then USPS Express Mail. 

How should I have my eggs shipped? 

We do offer USPS Priority or USPS Express on shipping eggs.  In the time of budget cuts by the Post Office it is highly recommended that you request your eggs to be shipped via USPS Express / hold for pickup.  In doing this your eggs will arrive at your local Post Office with your phone number attached to the box.  The Post Office will call you and advise that you have a package for pick up.  The method is highly recommend due to two reasons (1) the eggs will get there quicker, and (2) the eggs will not ride around in a postal carrier's vehicle and be subject to extreme temperatures and bumpy rides.  Shipping this method will help insure that you get the highest hatch rate possible. 

Why were my birds and/or eggs shipped to my local Post Office and not my address?

Sometimes the ride from the Post Office to the residential address can be the harshest ride!  The birds or eggs have already been traveling for up to 24 hrs and they are much better suited sitting waiting for you in the air conditioned building than in a carrier's vehicle.  The worst case scenerio would be eggs being bumped around in the car down a dirt road.  We schedule hold for pick up at the local post office by default, if you do not want hold for pickup at the Post Office - please advise in the comments at checkout. 

Will a USPS Express Mail shipment arrive overnight?

In some cases your USPS Express Mail shipment will arrive overnight - however be aware that it could take up to three days.  We ship our chicks with fruit and heat (if needed) to endure a longer transit time. 

Are my items shipped insured?

Items shipped by USPS Express Mail have $ 100 insurance; additional insurance can be purchased at the check out. Claims for insurance reimbursements are handled by your local office.  We will assist in anyway we can - but you will need to file the initial claim.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to open the box in the presence of a postal worker!

When I check out buying a non livestock item (scope, bino, waterer, etc) and a livestock item (chicks, starter birds, adult birds, etc) my shipping looks high, why?

This is because our shopping cart will only allow one method of shipment per order.  Livestock is mail only by USPS Express Mail.  If you buy for example eggs or a riflescope on the same order - all of your items will be shipped USPS Express Mail.  If you like to send items via another shipping route - please enter a separate order for your chicks and a separate order for your non livestock item. 

What should I do with my birds as soon as they arrive?

We ship our birds with heat (when needed), feed, and fruit to provide nutrients for their trip.  You should get your chicks/poults to water, feed and heat (temps above 90 degrees Fahrenheit) immediately.  You can back off the heat about 5 - 8 degrees each week as the birds get older.  Starter and adult birds will need the water and feed - but can withstand a little warmer temperatures.  

What should I do with my birds as soon as they arrive?

We ship our birds with heat (when needed), feed, and fruit to provide nutrients for their trip.  You should get your chicks/poults to water, feed and heat (temps above 85 degrees Fahrenheit) immediately.  Starter and adult birds will need the water and feed - but can withstand a little warmer temperatures. 

Can I pick up my birds?

No.  Due to insurance regulations.  In extreme circumstances chicks from our bloodline will be shipped from an associate breeder. 

Do you guarantee hatching eggs?

No.  Simply because there are too many variations that happen when they leave the farm.  They can be damaged in shipment or the incubating techniques machines and techniques vary widely across our customers.  Not to say that people do not know how to incubate eggs, but there are many people out there who are novices or have defective equipment.

Are some breeds of chickens quieter than others?

No.  We would consider all breeds equally as noisy.

Can I cancel my order?

You can only do this within 24 hrs of placing the order.  We work hard to schedule out our shipments and cancelations can put a huge kink in our business.  When dealing with livestock it is very difficult to determine when hens will lay or how many eggs will be fertile.  In that retrospect - orders can take several weeks or even several months to fill.  We do not offer refunds on orders after 24 hrs of placing orders. 

How do I know my order was placed?

You will receive an order confirmation within an hour of placing your order. 

Do you allow tours of the farm?

No.  Due to insurance regulations. 

My chicks arrived with leg bands, should I remove them?



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