June 6, 2011

Wet Chicken Litter

I think keeping our pens dry is very important to keeping down ammonia and other toxins that can cause our chickens to become sick.  In addition it keeps the our pens from having a foul smell.  It is fact that a chicken only retains about 25-30 percent of the water they drink while the remaining is released into the pen via excretion.  Our pens are covered, so we really do not have to worry with mud puddles forming from the rain, but we do have to deal with water from the poultry poop, leaking waterers, and various minimum spillage.  We offer to others a solution to keeping your pens dry from your leaking waterers.  We have bought off the shelf numerous waterers and have found that none of them cured the problem of having excessive spillage.  This drove us to custom build waterers for our application, which in turn led our customers to request that we build systems for their application.  We have developed a generic style watering system that have for sale in our store.  There has been much positive feedback from the system as customers were pleased to have an automated watering system that provided very little spillage.  

If you have open pens, you should never let water puddle in your pen.  Large or small amounts of puddled water can be very harmful to your chicken.

It is proven that wet litter will hurt production and increase the likelihood of a disease.  However if you follow the precaution to eliminate wet litter, you stand a chance to remedy the chance.

....and that's the news from the barn.

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