Orpingtons Galore

Orpingtons Galore
Orpingtons Galore

If there were a lovely bird on the moon, I would go and get it."
-Sandra Hildreth, owner of Orpingtons Galore

Jordan Farms is proud to be your exclusive connection to some of the most magnificent birds from Orpingtons Galore, located in Wickenby, England. Sandra Hildreth, the owner, possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise, particularly about Orpingtons.

Sandra grew up on a farm in Norwich, England, and so has a life time of chicken experience, and it shows in the beautiful birds she raises. Winning in the Best Large Whites category at both the British National Poultry Show and the Federation Show, Sandra's Orpingtons have been recognized nationally as the pinnacle of chicken perfection.

"Orpingtons are just so silly," Sandra says. She describes them as being like extra-soft dogs because they are affectionate, curious and nosy. One of her favorite birds is Mr. Buff, because he seems to understand so much. Mr. Buff suffers from hay fever so must visit the vet often, and has won the hearts of everyone in the vet's office, as well. Mr Buff is known to patiently sit on the exam table awaiting his examination and when complete returns to his pet carrier.

Along with showing and breeding her birds, Sandra is involved in several clubs. She is a member of the British Poultry Club of Great Britain, serves as the treasurer of the Rare Poultry Society, sits on the committee of the East of England Poultry Club and is a member of the United Orpington Club. She smilingly describes herself as "chicken crazy."

If Sandra is "chicken crazy," the rest of us "chicken nuts" are the better off for it. Quality is of utmost importance to her. She works hard to make sure her birds are the best possible examples of their breeds - which is one reason we love working with her!

As an artist, Sandra is interested in color. She is something of a rebel when it comes to Orpingtons, as she is interested in more than the four standard colors. You can look forward to colors like Chocolate, Jubilee, Crele, and Partridge just to name a few. It is the beauty and variation of the birds she raises that keeps her passionate.

Along with her beloved Orpingtons, Sandra raises Yokohamas, Sultans, and has recently begun to work with a new, Swedish breed: the Svart Hona. She is excited about the Svart Honas because they are all black - skin, combs, legs, beaks, meat, feathers and all are completely black. Sandra is only one of three breeders in all of the UK working with Svart Honas. (Interested in Svart Honas? Stayed tuned to learn about our shipments in 2012!)

If you would like to learn more about how to bring stock from Sandra's award-winning birds to your backyard here in the States, please get in touch with us. We are excited to be able to help get these great chickens added to flocks everywhere!

Orpingtons Galore Orpingtons Galore Orpingtons Galore Orpingtons Galore Orpingtons Galore

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