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What we can guarantee is that you will receive the freshest egg available and it will be securely packaged to prevent against damage.  The eggs will come from the picture stock shown.  The eggs will be wrapped well and boxed tightly to prevent eggs from shaking around.  We also mark the box on all four sides "This end up" - with arrows showing the direction, note the box is fragile, and do not x-ray.  We do not wash our eggs - this destoys the natural protective coating on the egg.

Even though we have had great success that attributes to a 95% hatch rate – due to variable techniques we cannot guarantee your hatch rate.  The incubation equipment and techniques vary among customers. (We recommend using an incubator that automatically turns the eggs.)

Our shipment time is generally within 1 to 2 days of receiving cleared payment.  However we do reserve the right to ship the freshest rotation.  This means that if your payment clears and we only have 1 or 2 eggs in rotation – we will be delayed in shipping until the auction number of eggs is achieved.  You will be advised of any ‘off rotation’ or delay in shipping.  

***USPS Express Mail is recommended for all eggs however it is your choice as to how you want the eggs shipped.  All eggs will be shipped "HOLD FOR PICKUP" - meaning that the eggs will not be bounced around in a carrier's vehicle on the route - but rather held at the Post Office.  It is important that your phone number on the order is correct as this is the number that will be marked on the box for the Post Office to call when they arrive.  We can only take the eggs to the post office and make sure they are shipped - we have no control on how long it takes nor how the post office handles your eggs.*** 

Product Image Item Name- Price
Swedish Flower Hatching Eggs

Swedish Flower Hatching Eggs

Here is a way to add some beautiful color to your flock.  Our Swedish Flower Hens have some of the most beautiful array of colors.  We...

Min:  4
Max: 12
Cream Legbar Hatching Eggs

Cream Legbar Hatching Eggs

The Cream Legbar is an auto-sexing chick meaning that you can tell the sex of the chick at hatch,  The males will have a pale dot on their head...

Max: 8
100% PURE English Chocolate Bantam Orpingtons Hatching Eggs

100% PURE English Chocolate Bantam Orpingtons Hatching Eggs

These are 100% PURE English Chocolate Orpingtons .  We have worked very diligently over the past year to add to our flock and increase our gene...

Min:  4
Max: 15

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